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Our philosophy

Despite every effort made to minimize risk it is inevitable that there will be claims. The quality of our services at these difficult moments is what is most important for Markel. We will respond quickly whatever type of claim it is and propose a flexible approach adapted to your needs to make sure we are available to give our clients the support they need and the best service.
Claims are managed by our own team of experts who have a broad experience and knowledge. Sometimes we or our clients will ask an outside expert to give an opinion to ensure the best possible response.

How to declare a claim ?


You need to inform us if your horse dies or is put down within a few hours. Never remove the corpse before asking for our agreement.

For information here is a list of the documents necessary for a mortality claim:

  • Claim form
  • Passport
  • Owership card
  • Vet and autopsy report
  • Photos if possible
  • Knacker form / invoice

Surgeries and vet fees

You need to inform us immediately of any sickness or accident requiring surgery. If your horse requires veterinary care apart from surgery (whatever the type or cost involved) you need to inform us within 60 days.

Download the veterinary fees claim form

For information the following documents are needed to open a claim:

  • Vet report
  • Vet invoice(s)


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