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  • Buying a sports horse, how big or small its value, is always an investment. At Markel we aim to protect this with our expertise and financial stability. Numerous well known riders have given us their confidence and we are proud to accompany champions, amateur horses and ponies throughout their sporting and breeding careers.
    Our experts, most of whom are riders and horse owners themselves, are present at many events, competitions and fairs. We believe in the important of personal contact and want to be at your side to give you advice and to protect your horses.

  • Markel excellence

    • the agreed value
      All Markel equine policies are done on agreed value, which means you know what you’ll get in the event of a claim (except if the horse is bought at an auction or runs in a claimer). Some of our competitors specify that you get at the best the « market value », which means you are not sure that you’ll get the insured value back.

    • coverage across Western Europe
      The horse is covered during transport, without an additonal premium.

    • death following a surgery or a castration (up to 3 yo) is covered

    • Participation in costs of emergency surgery
      1500 € are included in the mortality package in case of a colic, fracture (below knee / hock) or inguinal hernia surgery that has to be performed to save your horse’s life, for horses up to 12 yo at the first subscription.

    • the compensation for the rent of a foster mare
      Up to 2500 € available to rent a foster mare if your mare dies in order to give the foal better chances to survive.

    • the compensation for the post mortem fees
      €500 are available to take part to the fees following the death of your horse (autopsy, knacker …)

  • Additional coverages

    Those guarantees are available on top of the mortality:

    • permanent infertility
    • temporary infertility
    • first season infertility
    • vacuity and prospective foal
    • emergency surgeries
    • international transport

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